Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Week in Okeechobee

Okeechobee, FL  Hi 92  Lo 80

This week has been with my sister, Doris in Okeechobee. She's here from Missouri and spends a few weeks in the summer in Okeechobee. We both wanted to get our kitchen cupboards painted.  I helped paint hers and we'll do ours next week. The best way to show what we did is the after and before. They didn't look as yellow till we painted them white. She has the little line which we refreshed with a wood pen. They looked great when we were done.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We were so sore the next couple days that we did nothing. We've been doing a lot of experimental cooking which has been fun. She likes cooking more than I do so I did dishes and she made the meals. It's been enjoyable to say the least.

It's been to hot to get out during the day but in the evening  and between rain showers and storms I've been practicing with the drone. It's been awhile, but I had fun with it.

There's baby alligators here, in fact we saw five of them with mamma and dad closeby.
This is either mom or dad.

There's tiny eyes to the right of the great blue heron. The little ones are probably less then a foot long.

A couple views of the empty boat docks. There's only a few people in the park. The boats are all under the carports. The water is very low in the canals.

This time of year there's storms everyday. This is one of them over Lake Okeechobee .

We're going back to our place today (Saturday) for a full week of activities. See you next Saturday.

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