Saturday, July 1, 2017

Carpet - Lunch and Games - Google

Auburndale, FL  Hi 95 Lo 75

                                                              CHATROOM    8:30 pm Eastern

We started out the week getting the carpets cleaned. They felt sticky when you walk barefoot. We had no idea when they were cleaned last, so that was top priority this week. A company called Frogs came out and did a wonderful job on living room and both bedrooms carpets. Why are we putting the info in the blog, so we can look up later and know when it was done. We do that a lot.

Our once a month lunch was Wednesday with several gals in the park.  There's not a lot of people around in the park, but 18 women got together and went to TooJay's. It's a New York based deli restaurant. There were no complaints, we all liked what we ordered.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

In the evening a few of us got together to play Spinner. It's a domino game a little like Mexican Train. Lots of laughter and fun for a couple hours. We had a downpour and lots of lightning to get there so we started out wet. Florida is good for evening rains that can be dangerous, just have to be prepared and get indoors fast.

We love Google. We were looking for a restaurant near a store we wanted to go  to in Lakeland and found a fish restaurant. At the bottom it said you visited here in October. After checking further we found a map of where we went that day. Kinda freaky feeling, but yet it was so helpful knowing where we ate.  Google has a history on where you've been, we even located our RV travels. It's handy to know.

We've had some storms with lots of lightning, Thursday night was the worst. These are a couple pictures on what it looked like. I did get video of the streaks of lightning but doesn't want to post on the blog.

20 minutes later.

There's been some big turtles sitting on the bank in the canal. Our neighbor let me know the alligator has been around. She got a picture of it.  I finally saw it Friday and Saturday.

I have my crochet camping scene done. It's going to the craft bazaar on October 21 to sell.  It's cuter then it shows in pictures. A couple tents, camper with cabinet and potty, sleeping bag, fire with pan, four cups and saucers, canoe with oar, and basket of food (carrots and apples).

See you next week.


Phyllis said...

Oh yea, we remember those Florida rain storms from when we were at Disney two years ago. Got soaked one time. Then knew to rent a golf cart at the campground.

Jessica Riker said...

Wow, that is a good-sized alligator! Since we will be down in Adelaide in the warm weather this year, maybe we'll finally see the one they say is in the lake there.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Now you know not to go swimming in the canal... :cD