Sunday, July 9, 2017

Drum Corps International

This is a special blog about the Drum Corps International (DCI) competition in the Camping World stadium in  Orlando on July 8, 20107. There were four states across the nation that had competitions at the same time. The championship will be in Indianapolis starting August 10.  Jim and I were in band and so were our kids so we're very interested in the DCI. There's so many changes from when we saw them last time. They've added voice, (singing and talking), lots of electronics, and props. We had a half hour rain delay which made it start later then the 8:30pm time. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

The first Corp was Heat Wave, Cape Coral, FL

Spirit of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Jersey Surf, Camden County, NJ

Colts, Dubuque, IA

Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA

The Cadets, Allentown, PA
Notice the arrangement of the cross

And the fish.

The Corps have a theme, each one quite different. The Cadets had theme from the Catholic called Mass. They made the fish and the cross and I missed the word guilty as part of the third routine. It was very well done. They also had pews (left corner) that they marched around and knelt etc. It was quite impressive while paying horns or drums.

Then the whole band changed into white uniforms.

One of my favorite Corps is the Cavaliers, Rosemont, IL

Carolina Crown, Ft. Mill, SC
were the last to perform. They also did an encore with Liberty Singers.

We had a great time watching the judges running around with the corps changing positions and hopefully a judge won't get hit. It has happened many times. We'll probably go next year. They're fun to watch. At the very end while the encore was being played the scores from all the judges were calculated. There's five judges: one for the major conducting the corp, flags/guns, drums/percussion, and the corp as a whole.

8th place  50.6  Heatwave
7th place  57.570  Jersey
6th place  65.35  Spirit
5th place  67.65 Colts
4th place  77.0 Crusaders
3rd place  78.45  Cadets
2nd place  79.85  Cavaliers
1st place  81.9  Carolina Crown

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