Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kitchen Upgrade - Plans Change

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Doris, my sister came to our place last Saturday.   Sunday and Monday we got groceries and cleaned the place to get ready for Monday night's Bunco game with 12 gals. There's three groups of 12 that have bunco once a month and it was my turn. I'm always up tight getting ready for something that big, but everything was in place, the food was eaten and all went well. Doris and Jim went to Tampa to see the Rays baseball game. It was timed perfectly for them to be gone the whole time Bunco was being played.

Tuesday we got up and started painting our kitchen. I have four more cabinets then my sisters kitchen. I thought I'd keep the tan insert in the middle but with different ideas from the gals, and the look of my sisters cabinets, which we did last week, I decided to paint all white cupboards. We used wood markers to paint the stripes.

The top shows before we painted and the bottom is what is done. The house was built 1987 and we're sure nothing has been done, they had a yellow cast to them.

Picture doesn't show the yellow, looks more like tan.

We didn't take any doors off on my sisters cupboards. Jim took all the hinges off which made it easier to paint. We had the hex bit on the drill which helped.

This is the finished kitchen and it looks great!  I even painted the back door which was black and looked out of place from the other doors. It's all fresh looking and we're set for awhile. We bought some new handles for the drawers, the old ones broke in half. Any pressure at all they'd just break apart.

We found the frog that has a loud noise to it. If you want to call it noise, sounds like a scream at times.

Wednesday we went to a luncheon with a bunch of the gals from the park. There was a plane outside in the lake that was unique looking. I haven't seen anything like it.

Doris was suppose to leave for Missouri this morning. She left about 8am but came back worried about the engine light that came on. She went to Autozone and they said it wasn't safe to drive because of ignition coil was out. Luckily, we have a Toyota dealer in Lakeland and made an appointment. They took the car in fixed it and picked it up late afternoon.  Tomorrow she'll try to again to leave. Plans change no matter if you're in an RV or just having a car.

It's been a great two weeks with sis and we'll see her again in October.


Mark from Missouri said...

Nice work on the cabinets Dee.

You sister is getting back to Missouri just as the heat is finally cooling down.

Phyllis said...

Great improvement. Worth all the work, wasn't it??

SallyB said...

Your kitchen looks Wonderful !!!!