Saturday, July 15, 2017

Son and Grandson Visit - Marco Island - Gold Cup Soccer

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 87 Lo 77)

                                          CHATROOM 8:30PM EASTERN
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Our son Rick and grandson Jack came for a few days visit the main reason was for the Gold Cup Soccer game in Tampa, but while they were here there were a few other things to do. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Jack and Rick

Tuesday we went to Marco Island which is three hours southwest from us. We can't get on the residential beach we love without someone that lives there to let us on. A friend that was in school with Rick lives there and we try to visit once in awhile. Tennille was gracious enough to take a day to be with us.

Rick, Jack Jim, Dee and Tennille

Walking on the beach is a long way from the water.

All setup

Water rustling

Lots of shells of all kinds.

There's mounds of shells and it goes deep. If you get there early enough you can pick up some really nice shells.

Wednesday we took a drive to Saddle Creek to see alligators. It's to the west of us in Lakeland. There's a lot of little ponds and there's suppose to have a lot of alligators, but we only saw one. It's too hot so they're hiding or under water.  We left early afternoon for Tampa to see the Gold Cup Soccer game in Tampa. We drove around Tampa and to the islands surrounding Tampa. One was gated but another island was open. The homes are like those on Marco Island big and beautiful.

 It rains everyday and we got into rain going into the stadium.

Raymond James Stadium

The fist game was Panama and Nicaragua. We stayed under the top deck to stay dry. There weren't a lot of people so we sat there the rest of the evening. When the USA and Martinque played at 8:00 it  quit raining. Neither of us were fond of soccer but being there in person makes a big difference. We may be going to more games. The games are teams from around the world.

USA in blue stripped shirts.

Other things filling time. The boys wanted to ride the scooter.

We also had some threatening clouds with storms and then a full rainbow.

The boys took an Airboat ride in Kissimmee.  They had a great time.

The driver of airboat, he's looking very comfortable.

We had to say goodbye Thursday afternoon but not before we had a shrimp dinner. We brought shrimp back from NC and made that up. Jack's favorite meal is shrimp so we got him filled up.

Jack learning to de-vein and clean shrimp.

You can tell by the smile he's a happy boy with his shrimp.

Speaking of food. Rick loves chicken and dumplings. He's saying hurry up with the picture I want to eat. We had that earlier in the week.

After a full meal.

We've had a wonderful with the boys.

Now a week with my sister in Okeechobee.

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